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Hemavan Tärnaby

Hemavan Tärnaby Kite

Address: 92066 Hemavan Show map

Address: 92066 Hemavan

Experience snowkite in Hemavan Tärnaby.

With long experience in kite Hemavan Tarnaby kite offer amazing experiences in the mountains. Hang out and run untouched powder out of the ski lifts. Here you will learn everything you need to know for you to be a safe kiter.

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Nearby accommodations


Hemavan/Fjällcenter, STF Hotel

Distance: 312 meters
Hemavan Fjällcenter is located 250 m from Hemavan airport. The airport has a direct flight to Stockholm Arlanda. Hotel rooms with shower, toilet and TV. Single beds, also in double rooms.

STF Hemavan Mountain station

Distance: 313 meters
Hemavan Fjällstation, former SMU Fjällgård, is a drug free alternative for individual guests, families and groups. The facility offers a relaxed environment and several rooms were you can spend time together.

Hemavan, STF Hostel

Distance: 312 meters
Hemavan is what mountain life is all about. A smaller village near Vindelfjällens nature reserve, it has a vibrant cultural landscape, with an active settler and Sami life where the reindeer business still has a prominent role.